Episode 22: Empowering Minority Communities through Blockchain

May 25, 2021

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of having Christopher Perceptions join as my guest speaker.

Christopher McIntyre Perceptions (otherwise known as C.M.P.) has a “passion for empowering the powerless” — and this passion runs through his work as a social entrepreneur in minority communities, as a digital artist, and in his later involvement with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

His story begins in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he has traveled widely in the United States and abroad — reaching as far away as South Africa and Malta — where he was involved in community engagement and encouraging the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. His experiences range from working as an advisor to government organizations on development, education, and creative community output to doing more technical work at AT&T & Apple. His love of art led him to exhibit his own work in museums, including at the Milwaukee Art Museum, and in 2016, he became involved with a company called 23 VIVI, a company that wanted to allow art to be put on the blockchain.

Christopher gradually got “turned on” by blockchain and is the Founder of a company called PerceptForm, an “end-to-end ecosystem of cryptocurrency/ blockchain products and services for introducing minority communities to the new world of blockchain.” Here again, his passion has led him to focus on creating financial tools; creating educational curricula to make cryptocurrency easy to understand; putting art on the blockchain, and tokenizing real estate (“allowing people to buy back the block through fractional ownership.” )

PerceptForm also offers a cryptocurrency course, called “Simply Crypto” which “takes someone from zero to hero” and is connected to a utility token known as the SimplyCryptocurrency token, which would allow someone to become an owner of the cryptocurrency by incentivizing them to learn about centralized & decentralized topics through a complex mechanism known as an “airdrop.”

In an exciting development, PerceptForm has partnered with SolidBlock regarding “ bringing security tokens to the Milwaukee area. We are trying to allow affordable housing to be accessible – leveraging this technology. We are able to offer a new way of fundraising; a new way of creating opportunity not only for developers but also for the community,” and plan on getting more minorities into this life-changing technology.

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