#11: Startups – Marketing Strategies & Crowdfunding Regulations

February 09, 2021

In today’s episode, I speak with my special guest – Jason Fishman about various Marketing Strategies & Crowdfunding Regulations.

Jason has 10+ years of experience as a “New Media Enthusiast”, who genuinely enjoys planning, activating, and managing scalable marketing strategies. He is an expert in digital channels including Search Engines, Social Media Platforms and Programmatic Ad Exchanges. 

Jason worked with many Top 100 Advertisers. Leveraging traffic algorithms, Jason now takes this knowledge and applies it to scale brands with effective marketing tactics.

Since launching DNA in 2014, Jason and the team have worked with over 400 brands to deliver industry-leading results across eCommerce, and Digital Funding campaigns.

Jason has been showcased in panel and individual presentations of tech and marketing conferences, along with his “Test. Optimize. Scale.” Podcast. He’s also committed to a number of Thought Leadership content projects for 2020, including the Forbes Agency Council. Jason manages a Los Angeles team with experience in all aspects of the user journey.

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