Building Unapologetic Wealth and Worth for Women

Lisa Carmen Wang is unapologetic when it comes to promoting women’s voices in the business world. A four-time US National Champion and Hall of Fame gymnast turned serial entrepreneur, angel, and crypto investor, Lisa is the Founder of Bad Bitch Empire, whose aim is to build wealth and worth for women in Web3. 

“My definition of a bad bitch is a woman who unapologetically takes charge of her body, her boundaries, and her bank account,” Lisa says.

As a guest on the BlockSolid podcast with host Yael Tamar, Lisa explained the investment-based criteria she looks for in a successful startup.

“I look at the TAM (total addressable market), which is the revenue opportunity available for a product or service,” Lisa replied. “I also ask, ‘How’s the team?’ Do I have conviction in the founding team? What’s the tech? And then, what’s the traction? Are there early signs of success and customer adoption that people actually want the product?

“Beyond that, there’s real value alignment. So I’m strong on making sure that people are aligned with their values and that they’re actually walking the walk.”

As a child of Chinese immigrants to the US, Lisa was encouraged to follow her dreams.

As a gymnast, “You have to seek external approval,” explained Lisa. “You’re waiting for the judges to give you your score. There’s very critical control around your body and your movement and your face and your presentation. And you learn to rely on external validation for your success.

“And so, while I learned how to be a perfect gymnast and to succeed and to win the gold medals, what I didn’t learn was my own internal confidence and self-worth, and that came from something inside, not something outside.”

The lessons of picking yourself up and putting yourself out there on a daily basis were some of the hardest ones Lisa learned.

“Going from a USA national champion gymnast to working in corporate finance at a $15 billion hedge fund to building my own company—really breaking barriers and closing the funding gap for female founders—is that at the end of the day, you can be a good girl and that will get you a good grade. But if you want to be a leader, if you want to live life on your own terms, you have to become a bad bitch.”

To listen to the full interview, click here.

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