SolidBlock Makes History with NFTstays

The first comprehensive NFT booking system for hotels

SolidBlock is making history by being the first company to offer NFTs as a booking tool for the hotel industry in the United States.

Launched in May 2022, NFTstays is a reservation system that enables hotels to increase their revenue and occupancy rates by tapping into the lucrative NFT market and allowing guests to book their stays with NFTs.

When hotels work with NFTstays, they mint a specific number of NFTs that include a package deal of night stays and exclusive perks and benefits. The platform uses blockchain technology and creates a new way to grow brand awareness and expand publicity for hotels. Specifically, this technology removes the difficulty of compensating guests for unused rooms by giving guests the ability to resell with ease the NFTs with their reserved night stays.

The hotel’s collection of NFTs is currently housed on the OpenSea platform and will soon be added to more NFT marketplaces. The NFTs each contain unique art and photos of the hotel and are redeemed using the hotel’s existing booking system, making it easy for hotels to incorporate NFTstays into the booking process. No additional technology is required.

The first hotel to use SolidBlock’s NFTstays platform is the NoMo Soho, owned by Sapir Corp, Ltd., and one of Sapir’s flagship properties. 

When the NFTs for Nomo Soho went live on the OpenSea marketplace, SolidBlock, together with Sapir, issued a joint press release that was picked up by the Robb Report, Businesswire, and hospitality & NFT news sites across the world.

The boutique hotel, located in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan, has been trending on Twitter since Sharon Raz, the CEO of Sapir was interviewed by Reuters News.

“We are creating a new reality in the hospitality arena by providing an innovative and attractive experience to our guests,” explained Sharon. “Making the connection between tangible services and intangible assets is an initiative which we intend to continue to develop.”

As @NateNFT, one of the first purchasers of the NFTs, expressed on Twitter, “Just bought an NFT to book my hotel stay in NYC and I’m never going back to the old way!” 

“The NFT market will grow and shift to utility solutions,” explained SolidBlock CEO and Co-Founder Yael Tamar. “SolidBlock is reframing how we use NFTs by creating practical use cases to bring unique value to the hospitality sector and its guests.”

SolidBlock is currently in talks with three more hotels that will also be launching hotel packages on the NFTstays platform. For more information:

About SolidBlock

Founded in 2018, SolidBlock is a leader in Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) for real estate. SolidBlock integrates blockchain and Web3 technology to allow real-world assets to participate in the Web3 blockchain economy.

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