SolidBlock Enters into Partnership with Hong Kong’s HKVAX

Enabling financial institutions to invest in virtual assets with more ease

SolidBlock, a marketing platform for tokenized real estate, has teamed up with HKVAX, a Hong Kong-based virtual asset trading platform, to explore mutually beneficial areas of cooperation that would utilize the technology provided by HKVAX to provide on-platform secondary trading capabilities for SolidBlock’s tokenized property projects and enable financial institutions a streamlined way to invest in the emerging tokenized real estate industry.

Hong Kong is a virtual asset-friendly and supportive city in Asia and will soon become a main financial hub for tokenized securities (STOs). HKVAX, short for Hong Kong Virtual Assets Exchange, Ltd., provides professional trading and customized services for institutions looking to invest in the virtual assets and financial technology sectors.

“In 2022 and beyond, I believe we will see the adoption of blockchain technologies implemented into many aspects of daily operations,” explains Matthew Cheung, Chief Strategy Officer of HKVAX. “We see the most immediate possibilities in security tokens and we are delighted to explore and work with SolidBlock’s talented team to unleash this new era and create an ecosystem that customers can enjoy in a one-stop solution on our platform.” 

HKVAX is awaiting for the Hong Kong SFC’s (Securities and Futures Commission) licensed and regulatory approval for the trading of tokenized securities on its platform. HKVAX is building an ecosystem of partners by actively engaging with different stakeholders, and creating an infrastructure layer where different parties can collaborate.

“Our team believes that true consensus can only be achieved when all parties are involved, including investors, issuers, governments, and the regulators,” Matthew continues.

“Partnering with HKVAX gives SolidBlock an opening to the Asian market at a time when Moore Global has predicted that this market could hit $1.4 trillion within 5 years,” says SolidBlock’s CEO Yael Tamar. “Hong Kong is a vibrant city and we expect a vibrancy from this partnership.”

Detox Digital Coin

SolidBlock’s most recent project on the digital marketplace is Detox Digital Coin, a real estate investment opportunity to invest in behavioral health centers across the US that are forecast to see industry revenues climb to almost $99.4 billion by 2028.

The offering addresses a rapidly expanding market due to the exploding behavioral health crisis which includes drug and alcohol addiction and mental health wellbeing.

Detox Digital Coin uses blockchain technology to tokenize and raise capital. With a minimum investment of $5,000 USD, investors receive tokenized shares in the property, which are represented as tokens called DDC. These tokens will be deposited into the investor’s account or digital wallet.

Each new acquisition will be listed as a separate and distinct investment opportunity. The goal is to acquire up to 20 additional facilities. Each facility is occupied by a “single-tenant” credit-worthy operator with an NNN lease and a built-in 3% annual rise in rent. Anticipated 5-year Annualized Return: 12.03%

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