SolidBlock Closes First Successful Seed Round in First Quarter 2022

This past January, SolidBlock finished its first seed round and valuation. We’ve continued to work hard this first quarter of 2022, to partner with sponsors and increase the company’s valuation.

Tim Draper Leads the Way

SolidBlock has completed an initial raise of seed money led by the legendary American venture capitalist Tim Draper and his fund, Draper Associates. 

Tim Draper is the founder of Draper Venture Network, Draper Associates, and Draper Goren Holm, and holds prominent investments in Hotmail, Skype, Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, DocuSign, Coinbase, Robinhood, and Focus Media. A proponent of Bitcoin and decentralization and author of How to be The Startup Hero: A Guide and Textbook for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs (2017), Tim received wide coverage for his 2014 purchase of seized bitcoins at a US Marshals Service auction. 

“We’re absolutely thrilled by Tim and his team’s interest in SolidBlock,” explained SolidBlock’s CEO Yael Tamar. “I’ve always admired Tim’s ability to ‘see’ the next best idea and support it fully. This seed money will assist SolidBlock in scaling our business, advancing our tech stack, and solidifying our position as the leader in the real estate tokenization space.” 

An International VC

Another valuable investor is Asahi Kasei Ventures, the venture capital arm of a leading home builder in Japan, which is part of Asahi Kasei Corporation, a multinational Japanese chemical company. Founded in May 1931, its main products are chemicals and materials science. Asahi Kasei builds 8,000 single-family homes and 1,500 multi-family homes a year in Japan and is expanding its business in the US and Australia.

“When I listened to Yael’s explanation on tokenization, I realized that SolidBlock’s potential in both its mission and its ability to collaborate with us in the housing market was very strong,” said Joe Kokubu, manager at Asahi Kasei America, Inc. Joe expects good chemistry between Asahi Kasei and SolidBlock in all future endeavors.

A home constructed by Asahi Kasei Ventures.

Gaingels support from the Angel Investors

SolidBlock is thrilled to receive additional capital from Gaingels, the world’s most active venture syndicate investing in companies that embrace LGBT leadership, diversity, equality, and inclusion. SolidBlock joins the more than 800 companies in Gaingels’ portfolio, including 50+ Unicorns, that have received over $500M in investments since 2019.

“This is a true testament to SolidBlock’s unique workforce and our gender non-conforming leadership,” clarified Yael. With staff, investors, partners, and followers across the globe, SolidBlock is a truly international startup. SolidBlock has also gone to great effort to be inclusive in its staff hires, working to bridge the political and religious gap between Jewish and Arab Israelis and Palestinians.

These investors join previous investors including BuiltUp Ventures, Hedosophia, and Practical VC.

A Presidential Proclamation

Joining SolidBlock as President is Laura Brightsen, who will drive SolidBlock’s mission, vision, and overall direction.

Laura has a keen ability to identify value creation opportunities for investing in both the strategic marketing and finance spaces. She has held several senior leadership roles in public and private companies and multiple board seats for private for-profit companies. Her extensive private equity and venture capital experience combined with many years in the tech/telecom industry, make Laura infinitely appropriate for her presidential role with SolidBlock.

Located in Miami, FL, Laura will work with American contacts to create the SolidCoin network, a special ICO that SolidBlock is planning to launch later this year.

“Through its extensive partnership network, SolidBlock is working to further interoperability and regulatory standardization and eliminate roadblocks to digital markets and investing,” explained Laura. “We’re now looking to expand our network with real estate companies, municipal projects, and investors on a global scale.”

Mission-Driven Projects

In a year when Moore Global predicted “the tokenized real estate market could hit $1.4 trillion within 5 years,” SolidBlock added two major projects to its digital marketplace.

Red Frog Beach Portfolio is raising $37 million to expand Panama’s first Green Globe Certified sustainable island resort. Backed by Ocean Group International’s 18 years of acquisition, development, and hospitality management, investors can own a piece of paradise and conserve 1000 acres of rainforest, while enjoying long-term returns with the construction of 190 hospitality units and micro-communities. Equity shares are available for purchase under the name frOGI Coin.

Detox Digital Coin is increasing the number of substance abuse treatment programs in the US. This niche commercial real estate sector addresses a rapidly expanding market with an unmet demand – the exploding opioid crisis and the lack of treatment facilities. The first in a series of acquisitions has been identified. It has an extended NNN lease with an annual 3% base rent escalation representing an attractive 7.50% Net Capitalization Rate, and a projected 11% annualized ROI.  

Onboarding Tokenized Assets

SolidBlock is also streamlining its onboarding process for tokenized assets and is working with four additional projects at the final stage of tokenization that will soon be open for investment in the digital marketplace.

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