SolidBlock’s CEO Heads to Dubai

SolidBlock Co-CEO and Co-Founder Yael Tamar is heading to Dubai next week for a series of summits and conferences, including the Gulf Blockchain Week, Global DeFi Investment Summit, the WOW Summit, and the infamous Crypto Afterparty.

One of her goals in this October 10-14 visit, her third to Dubai, is to connect with even more people who are interested in SolidBlock. 

“SolidBlock has been advancing at a rapid pace,” explains Yael. “We are in the process of adding two new fantastic projects to our marketplace, Red Frog Beach Resort & Spa in Panama, and a Medical Detox portfolio in Florida.  

Held in the glow of the opening of the Dubai World Expo 2020, these conferences will attract experts and innovators, developers, and investors in the fields of DeFi, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and tokenization. 

As part of Gulf Blockchain Week, Yael’s first engagement is on October 10, at the Coin Agenda Summit where she will be part of a panel on the advent of “Security Tokens.” Unlike fungible tokens such as Bitcoin or other currency that represent an intrinsic and exchangeable amount, digital security tokens denote equity or security shares in a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that, in the case of tokenized real estate, use existing corporate structures to tokenize the asset. 

Yael’s second appearance will be as a panelist at the Gulf Blockchain Week on “New Investment Vehicles: A Blockchain Perspective.” This October 11, event at 2:00 pm, will be the perfect stage to collaborate with colleagues from around the world, especially as it pertains to SolidBlock’s niche marketplace that transforms real estate into digital shares and makes real estate accessible to everyone. 

The Global DeFi Investment Summit in Dubai on October 11-12 dovetails beautifully with SolidBlock’s assessment that decentralized finance (DeFi) is changing the world. Yael is scheduled to speak on October 12, at 11:15 am, about how tokenized real estate is a bridge to DeFi. 

Though details are still in flux, Yael will speak at the Coin Nations Summit 2021 that will take place on October 13-14. This virtual global summit brings together creators and crypto natives to discuss new coin possibilities and the technologies that will move them forward. SolidBlock’s newest digital security, the frOGI Coin, is now available on the SolidBlock marketplace. 

Lastly, Yael is speaking at the WOW (World of WEB3) summit in Dubai on October 14, at 3:00 pm. It’s the perfect storm of global NFT and DeFi leaders, government authorities, tech visionaries, investors, and developers discussing the impact of blockchain and associated technologies on financial services.

Prior to moving to Israel, with the completion of her MA in Economics from CUNY New York, Yael worked as an analyst at a Wall Street brokerage firm. She co-founded several FinTech startups, an import/export company (that was acquired by an investor), and a successful marketing agency in the blockchain space. Yael was listed in the Top 25 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Speakers and 100 Most Inspirational Women In Blockchain. She was recently named as one of the recommended Blockchain Influencers to follow in 2021 by  

“This past year changed everything about the way we do business, from how and where we meet to how we use the internet to boost our online presence,” Yael said. “But nothing can substitute for the one-on-one meetings that drive good business and good partnerships.”  

If you’d like to schedule a time to meet Yael, click on her calendly link or contact her via WhatsApp at +972544584618. 

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