SolidBlock and Blue Sea Holdings Launch Equity Campaign for an Eco-Luxury Caribbean Island Resort

SolidBlock has teamed up with Blue Sea Holdings to launch a digital securities property investment for the expansion of Red Frog Beach Resort & Spa in Panama. The project is raising $37.190M for the construction of 190 hospitality units and micro-communities in four phases which include transition to 100% solar power and preserving over 1000 acres of secondary rainforest forever.

SolidBlock is transforming traditional real estate investing with the disruptive power of blockchain technology. Consider SolidBlock the NASDAQ of real estate. 


  • 1,388 acres of Isla Bastimentos in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama
  • The fully operating resort, marina, beach club, restaurant, spa, zipline, canopy, and marine wildlife tours, storage facilities, market, and hospitality partnerships 
  • 10,000 visitors a year

LEARN / INVEST at Red Frog Beach Portfolio Campaign Page

VIDEOwatch the founder share his vision

Be part of the growing Red Frog company

  • Minimum investment amount: $5,000 USD (FrOGI Coins and investor perks)
  • 15% projected annualized ROI
  • Over $47M invested to date, backed by 18 years of acquisition, development, and operations of a luxury resort

Invest in the future you believe in

  • 1st resort in Panama to receive Green Globe Certification
  • Sustaining 1000+ acres forever, solar energy, rainwater catchment system
  • RFB provides potable water and power to the local indigenous community

Travel post-COVID and long term returns

  • Pent-up demand for travel is reflected in high reservations for RFB’s coming season
  • $50M investment by Panama’s Tourism Ministry to develop a new airport
  • Additional 800 units plus upward of 6 hotel/resort development joint venture projects


SolidBlock’s mission is to increase global access to real estate assets. Using the stability and security of blockchain technology, they create digital securities–or tokens–that correspond to real-world assets. SolidBlock offers investors the ability to buy and sell any property, at any time, anywhere. The company is best known for its role in the world’s first successful commercial property tokenization, raising $18M for the St. Regis Resort in Aspen, Colorado. 


Blue Sea Holdings’ Panamanian wholly-owned subsidiary, Oceans Group International, was founded more than 18 years ago to develop real estate and provide expertise across the continuum of development and operations for large-scale projects. Blue Sea Holdings’ investors and management team include seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders who focus on a wide range of responsibilities, including strategic planning, design, engineering, financing, construction, operations, property management, and information systems. The company’s largest development project to date is Red Frog Beach Resort & Spa. 

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