Raunak Rajore: The new data analyst on the block

Hi I’m Raunak Rajore!

I’m joining SolidBock’s fantastic team as a data analyst till July.

Since I was a kid, I have always been busy asking questions. The words What? Why? How? have always been staples in my vocabulary and are an integral part of my data analysis toolkit today. When I was a younger, I was busy inquiring about how things around me functioned. How does a rice cooker know it done cooking? How are the new tv’s suddenly so slim, did the CRT’s of old just go on a diet? Are two of the many questions I had. As an adult, the innate curiosity driving the questions has transformed towards more abstract, yet practical, concepts. I now find myself more focused on understanding how Machine Learning and BlockChain can play a part for our future. 

I think irrespective of what kind of decision one has to make or what kind of answers one needs to find, the data is the most valuable part. It’s what allows use to understand the picture and come to a conclusion. Data has to be accurate, complete, reliabile, relevant, and timely. Or else we get a wonderful case of garbage in, garbage out. I’m particularly fascinated by the evolution of the data we have available, and how collection more data helps us paint the better, bigger picture. 

To me, real estate is a fascinating space exactly because of that. There’s always been an availability of traditional data such as population growth, demographics, and nearby attractions. But with recent advancements, non-traditional data can be brought to foreground and analyzed for their effects on the market. Factors such as daily hours of natural light, levels of noise pollution, and networking speed are data points which can influence buying decisions and are currently tracked or on their way to be. The factors we could be considering before buying a property could be completely different, just thanks to the fact that relevant data is now available. 

I also think data is most meaningful when it’s consumer centric. That’s what I find most exciting, as it impacts the end user. During my time at SolidBlock, I’m particularly keen on using the data to reflect what customers want and analyzing where the market could be headed. I’m interested in understanding what factors customers consider most before investing in real estate. And moreover, identifying what factors customers want to consider but lack the data to do so. I also want to properly contextualize this information. What another buyer could be looking for in sunny California, could be completely different from what I’m looking for in frostbitten Indiana.

Alas, I’m excited to be a part of the SolidBlock team for the next few months. I recently just graduated from undergrad as a Finance major from Kelley, and I’m excited to be going into a master’s program where I further dive into the realm of data analytics.

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