SolidBlock Joins Expert Dojo Accelerator Plan

SolidBlock is thrilled to announce that it has been accepted into Expert DOJO’s accelerator program. 

Expert DOJO is the largest training academy for early-stage international entrepreneurs located in Southern California. Its goal is to help startups grow big and successful. How? By investing in each startup and helping them get traction to scale high and fast.

Established in 2018, Expert DOJO has since invested in over 80 startups, accelerating their growth. What makes the company special is its focus on building visionary companies. It takes pride in helping entrepreneurs not only dream big but also make it come true, or in other words: “if you can visualize your unicorn, you have a higher probability of achieving its full potential”.

The company’s forte is locating and investing in pre-seed and seed companies ready to rise quickly. Notwithstanding, being agnostic and investing in worldwide founders with diverse backgrounds, most of the technology startups they fund are of minority and female-founded. 

Brian Mac Mahon is the company’s founder. He is a worldly-known consultant and coach who, for over 20 years, worked on bringing forth his global perspective to starting and growing a small business. He traveled, worked, and lived in over 35 countries, all along being involved, in one capacity or other, with entrepreneurs. After working with thousands of small businesses around the world, he realized at a certain point that he wanted to dedicate himself to jumping in the trench and assist early-stage startups to avoid the pitfalls many of them face early on. One of the things he has been educating throughout his career is his belief that in order to succeed, there’s a need to learn how to alter a pay-it-forward attitude into a long-lasting revenue.

SolidBlock is excited to begin visualizing its unicorn and learning from Expert DOJO how to utilize it to scale high and beyond.

Tamar Levin

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