Harnessing Tokenization to Develop Sustainable Housing

Fintech4Good is a global FinTech and Blockchain network, that works with start-ups, industrial leaders, and investors to find a way to harness emerging technologies and digital economy models for a globally sustainable future. 

Recently, Fintech4Good has launched a sustainable housing accelerator to support digital Innovations in making housing affordable, eco-friendly, smart, safe, and healthy for all. Working towards this effort, a series of roundtables was devised to discuss together with experts from different fields, what has been achieved so far and what is still needed to be done to make this vision a reality. 

In this roundtable, a comprehensive discussion takes place over the topic of how Tokenization holds the power to promote this goal of making sustainable housing. Yael Tamar, SolidBlock’s CMO and co-founder, speaks at the round table and provides information on the benefits tokenization has and how it can be harnessed for this endeavor.      

Interested in finding out more about SolidBlock’s innovative technology and how it can help promote affordable housing? Set up a call here with one of our executives to learn more

Tamar Levin

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