SolidBlock Interviewed on CNBC Arabia

Recently, SolidBlock attended Dubai’s 12th Anniversary Global Family Office Investment Summit that took place between October 26-28 2020. 

The summit has been recognised as the world’s number one family-office conference where global leading family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals convened to discuss increasing the positive effect of family office investments for a brighter future. The summit acted also as a bridge between Middle East families and their European, U.S., Asian, & Latin American counterparts where they met, networked and exchanged information and ideas.

During the event, Yael Tamar, SolidBlock’s CMO and Co-Partner, was invited to interview for CNBC Arabia, and speak about SolidBlock’s innovative work in the real estate industry. Yael spoke about how SolidBlock differs from its competitors by offering a financial services platform; about SolidBlock’s cooperative work with other companies  – such as different crowdfunding platform and global exchange markets – to help promote its important work in the field; and how SolidBlock took the opportunity at this summit to meet many family-office owners and present its platform and explain how it offers true liquidity to real estate assets and allows monetizing assets even further.

To listen to the full interview click here. 

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