Recapping SolidBlock’s Great 2020 Wins

Amid the world’s challenging year, SolidBlock has adapted to the ongoing fast changes and has been able to stand strong throughout. In fact, some of SolidBlock’s major accomplishments, local and global recognition, networking opportunities, and financial endorsements took place during 2020, propelling us forward, greatly impacting SolidBlock’s future work and development in the PropTech and FinTech sectors.

The first major accomplishment was when SolidBlock was named a Blockchain category finalist at the MIPIM Startup Competition which took place in NYC – watch here as Yael Tamar, SolidBlock’s CMO and co-founder, gives her great pitch. 

In February, Yael Tamar gave a winning pitch at the PropCon 2020 Hackathon-Israel’s Real Estate & Construction Innovation Month. SolidBlock entered the Smart Selling category, sponsored by Livestone Proptech Ventures and alongside our competitors, SolidBlock’s team were given 20 hours to come up with a mockup of a platform “that would drive people to purchase real estate online.” The intention was to provide a platform that allows buyers to find real estate that suits their needs perfectly with regards to their desired area, budget, and size, while also providing a range of information about the specified property. Those of you already familiar with SolidBlock’s work surely know this is what the company was born to do and that our solution solves exactly this. And what a triumphant moment it was when our team learned of the winning. As the winners, Livestone granted SolidBlock several valuable assisting services such as guidance and mentoring, valuable connections and assistance in preparing for fundraising, and links to potential investors.

In April, SolidBlock was announced as one of the top three finalists of the Tel Aviv Municipality Mayor’s Challenge – a 3-day Hackathon in Israel designed to address the global COVID-19 challenges. They called upon anyone who can offer an idea or prove the ability to develop technological solutions for the social and logistical issues cities around the world face in light of the COVID pandemic.

In August, SolidBlock was the 2020 FFCON (Canada) pitching winner. SolidBlock demonstrated a strong, innovative business model along with a strong leadership team with a background in fintech, and evidence of traction through growth milestones. We were rewarded with a wide range of networking, introductions, and marketing opportunities.

And last but not least, after submitting its application for the ECO-SYSTEM EXCELLENCE Token issuance category at the TADS Awards – the world’s first annual international awards for Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities sector – SolidBlock was thrilled to be acknowledged as a Finalist.  As a finalist, SolidBlock is entitled to part of the TADS Awards winner’s package which is extremely rewarding.  

SolidBlock is thankful for the national and international recognition our team has received for its hard work. We plan on continuing our endeavors to show and prove how valuable SolidBlock’s technology is to the real estate sector as well as to society as a whole, and we invite you to follow us on our different media platforms (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube) to receive the most updated and exciting news on what we are up to.  

If you want to find out how SolidBlock can help your business grow, just reach out here to set up a call with one of our executives!

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