Closing a Great 2020 and Welcoming 2021

2020 will no doubt go down in history as one of the more challenging years in modern history – most notably due to the COVID-19 pandemic that introduced the entire world to a new reality, which ensued many fundamental changes in society, economy, politics, and more. Yet, amidst this turbulent year, SolidBlock remained resilient and succeeded in overcoming many of the difficulties that challenged the company’s work and growth. 

This year had turned out to be very prolific in terms of receiving world recognition for our game-changing technology. The company has been announced as a finalist at the MIPIM Startup Competition in NYC and the TADS Awards; as one of the top three finalists of the Tel Aviv Municipality Mayor’s Challenge and a winner of the PropCon 2020 Hackathon and the 2020 FFCON (Canada). For a detailed recap of these achievements, check out this post.

SolidBlock has also created strong partnerships with several other companies, widening the company’s abilities and global reach: Standard Capital has partnered SolidBlock with the goal to develop the real estate security token market in Japan and overseas and improve the liquidity of the real estate market by combining both companies’ technologies; INX is collaborating to list SolidBlock’s products on the INX exchange platform as well as cooperate raising funds via the INX network; Archax partnered up with SolidBlock to admit issuances to the Archax exchange; North Capital’s alliance will help SolidBlock meet the highest level of compliance when it comes to SEC regulations in the U.S, broaden the ability to create regulatory-compliant offerings around the globe, and add secondary trading capabilities; Gemini is joining hands with SolidBlock to allow investors to invest in tokenized assets with various coins. 

SolidBlock’s goal to impact sustainable and affordable housing has led to teaming-up with Christopher Perceptions to offer a new avenue for dealing with systemic problems minorities face as a result of real estate related issues. This would bring SolidBlock one step closer to offering tokenization as a means to build diversity in property ownership, as well as supporting minority businesses & neighborhoods. SolidBlock’s involvement in the sustainable housing arena doesn’t end here: the company has also partnered with Fintech4Good – an organization working to create solutions for a better world – to devise plans to influence society for the better, using tokenization. 

SolidBlock has also had some exciting internal changes as several new people joined the executive staff and board of advisors: Alon Cohen – an experienced entrepreneur and innovative strategist – joined as CSO; Natalie Birnbaum joined as legal counsel for ensuring project-based compliance with international securities laws and regulations; Brendan Holt Dunn – CEO at Holdun Family Office – joined the board of advisors to offer knowledge from his background in wealth management and financial services. Gal Landau-Yaari –  an accomplished senior executive in the financial industry is the latest addition to SolidBlock’s board of advisors. She will be assisting SolidBlock with an array of aspects including building a secondary market ecosystem; facilitating interoperability of exchanges; global securities regulations and more. 

In terms of new tokenized-assets projects that SolidBlock has onboarded throughout the year, you will find: a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of heaven in Phuket Thailand when investing in the Beachfront project; a marvelous chance to invest in prime real estate in London through the London Digital Bonds project; a chance to profit from Israel’s growing industrial zones by investing in the IndustriTech project in Kiryat Gat; and an exciting investment option in the New Haven Residential project in Westville – New Haven’s historic neighborhood. For a list of all SolidBlock’s tokenized assets open for investments visit here.

Although many international conferences have been unable to conduct live events due to the pandemic, they have managed to adapt well and turned to host them online. Yael Tamar  – SolidBlock’s CMO and co-founder, was invited to sit on a panel of many of them to discuss topics related to sustainable housing, blockchain, and more. Yael for example was a panelist on The AIBC Summit on The Evolution of Token Offerings & Regulation Across Europe; CRYPTO Innovation Online Summit; the Virtual WFC Money Summit and many more. 

However, some events were permitted to be conducted live and Yael was able to travel to Dubai twice this year to attend important summits: the Dubai’s 12th Anniversary Global Family Office Investment Summit and another trip to attend 3 large events focusing on blockchain, fintech, business, and more. During the 1st visit there, Yael was also interviewed for the CBNC Arabia to talk about SolidBlock’s work in the real estate sector and innovative technology. 

Another exciting piece of news is the launching of SolidBlock’s new podcast series. Yael Tamar chats with her weekly guests about fascinating topics in the FinTech and PropTech industry. You can check out all the current and future episodes here (Spotify , iTunes, Youtube and Webpage

SolidBlock’s name is indicative of the company’s core strength to endure challenges – those that threaten from outside young start-up companies which are vulnerable to global crises, as well as those we face during our professional work in the field we focused on. Our hard-working executives, staff members, advisors, and partners have triumphed throughout this difficult year, keeping the company strong and helping it grow further than ever before. 

SolidBlock looks ahead at 2021 with an optimistic approach and the intention of doing its utmost to deliver promising digital solutions for global challenges in the real estate sector.

Tamar Levin

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