Gal Landau-Yaari Joins SolidBlock’s Advisory Board

SolidBlock is happy to announce the onboarding of Gal Landau-Yaari on the company’s Advisory Board. 

Gal Landau-Yaari is an accomplished senior executive in the financial industry. Her extensive background and skills in traditional Banking-CapMarkets and Fintech-emerging technology provide her with a unique vantage point for advising companies amid the rapidly changing financial markets.

Gal formerly served as the deputy CEO, the COO, the CRO, and finally as the CEO of TASE (the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange). Prior to that, she held various high-level positions at one of Israeli’s largest banking groups and has a background as a senior economist in The Banking Supervision Department at the Central Bank of Israel.

Currently, Gal is the Head of Research & a member of the Academic Committee, at The Blockchain Research Institute at Tel Aviv University; and a Senior Fellow at Cyber Center, at Haifa University. Among her research interests is the governance of emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, and digital transformation.

Gal has been serving for years on the board of directors of different local Israeli and global fintech companies. She is well versed in the digital arena and is often invited by governmental organizations (including the OECD and the World Bank), financial institutions, and the media to provide professional expert advice.

Gal will be helping SolidBlock build a strong secondary market ecosystem facilitating true liquidity for asset back security tokens; facilitating interoperability of exchanges; utilizing her expertise when it comes to global securities regulations; and tackling challenges associated with onboarding digital projects on traditional exchanges and building a bridge between traditional finance and digital alternative finance.

Recently Gal joined SolidBlock Co-founder & CMO, Yael Tamar, for an episode of the BlockSolid podcast. Stay tuned for the podcast recording. Sign up to be notified when the podcast episode is out. 

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