Molding the Future of Real Estate Through Tokenization

Tokenization is a relatively new term introduced by SolidBlock to the financial world in 2018, representing a technological innovation used to raise funds for real estate development. 

The financial services industry – and real estate specifically – are extremely bureaucratic sectors that are slow-moving in adopting new technology trends that have swept many other sectors globally. SolidBlock is a startup company that believes that the future of real estate investment is digital and is working hard to make a difference.

But why are these technologies important for the finance and real estate future in the first place? The answer is embedded in three of the biggest emerging trends that include customer-centered financial products, brand loyalty, and the sharing economy. All three are reinventions of trends that have taken other industries by storm and now SolidBlock is working to incorporate them into the financial and real estate sectors to modernize it too.

In the article here, published in the December edition of the Corporate Investment Times magazine, a more detailed account of SolidBlock’s impact on the future of real estate is explained. It discusses the term tokenization and how it is used to unseat a 500 lb Gorilla, or in other words – make what is thought as impossible, possible – in the real estate industry. 

Interested in finding out more about SolidBlock’s ground-breaking technology and how it is working to make a global difference in real estate? Set up a call here with one of our executives now 

Tamar Levin

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