InvestiNation: Opening New Doors for Israeli Startups

It’s no secret that many amazing technological advancements that have contributed to a variety of industries globally – from fintech to health sciences, from agritech to enterprise software – have originated in Israel. With currently over 8,000 active startups across the growth cycle, Israel has proven time and again its success not only in producing but also in maintaining some of the brightest minds and innovations in a variety of sectors – justifying Israel’s title as Start-Up Nation. 

InvestiNation, a member of the Basadno group, is a hybrid equity crowdfunding venture capital platform and it has recently announced its launch. It differs from its competitors as it works to democratize the investment process, opening a previously limited and fairly restricted investment club to American accredited investors.  

InvestiNation offers these investors a place where they can get early access to promising Israeli startups in the most exciting technology fields. At the same time, it offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to reach a community of serious investors who want to see Israeli startups succeed.

SolidBlock is thrilled to be part of InvestiNation as it was chosen to be one of the privileged companies to appear as a portfolio company and enjoy all the benefits available through this new platform. At SolidBlock, we believe this will have a pivotal role in our success in raising capital, propelling us forward to reach our goals to secure a brighter future for the real estate industry.   

Learn more about InvestiNation’s amazing work with investors and Israeli startups hereInterested in finding out more about SolidBlock’s cutting-edge technology and how it influences the finance and real estate worlds? Set up a call here with one of our executives and get involved with SolidBlocks success now

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