The Evolution of Token Offerings and Regulation Across Europe

Just a few weeks ago, Yael Tamar – SolidBlock’s CMO and co-founder, participated in the AIBC Virtual Summit as a panelist, exploring the evolving of the regulatory landscape for STOs across Europe. On the panel, alongside Yael, spoke Alex Nascimento, MBA – Co-Founder, UCLA Blockchain Lab, while Joseph F Borg – Partner, WH Partners acted as the panel’s moderator. 

Security token offerings, the issuance of digital tokens using blockchain technology, is an alternative method to mainstream debt and equity fundraising. Blockchain technology was introduced in 2014 and become increasingly popular until its peak in 2016. However, since 2017 there has been a decline in its use, and Yael and Alex speak about the causes of this decline and how we now face growth and renewal of interest with implementing this technology in different areas and specifically in the real estate sector. 

The panel also discusses the security token offerings availability in the market and the foreseeable future of the distribution of tokenization. Yael goes on to explain that SolidBlock’s ingenuity lies in its ability to facilitate global liquidity, transparency, and increase of the market cap by listing projects on traditional exchanges and reaching potential investors, and allow the trade of tokens. The ability to trade on traditional channels helps gain the trust of investors who slowly become more aware of this method of investment in real estate, thus changing consumer behavior.   

However, the main challenge facing the growing implementation of the trade of security token offerings is the persisting lack of sufficient global regulatory compliance. To learn more about how this challenge can be overcome and more, check out the full panel discussion here:

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