Real Estate Tokenization as a Bridge to Finance 2.0

Yael Tamar – SolidBlock’s CMO and Partner – has recently been a guest speaker on Michael Bloom’s show called Without Censorship to discuss cryptocurrency, tokenization, and everything in between.

Among many things, Michael is a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast who was introduced to this world when a customer requested to pay him for services with Bitcoin. From that moment onwards, Michael’s interest in the topic has turned into a career advising people on the use and benefits of Bitcoin and helping them with their first steps in the cryptocurrency world. 

Yael spoke about the differences between cryptocurrency, which is like money, and security which is a share in a tangible physical asset; how tokenization of real estate and illiquid assets as a whole, is done; about SolidBlock and how it aims to use tokenization to help democratize real estate, and the benefits of diversification of investors and investment portfolios, and what the future holds for tokenization and blockchain.  

Interested in learning more about how tokenization can increase your profits in the real estate sector? Just click HERE to schedule a time to talk to one of SolidBlock’s executives.

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