A New Exchange – INX Partners with SolidBlock

SolidBlock continues laying the foundations for streamlining the trading possibilities of digital securities and is happy to announce its partnership with INX to promote this endeavor. 

INX Co is a crypto and security token exchange platform. The company’s mission is to enable the listing and trading of regulated security tokens and cryptocurrencies for institutional and retail investors. INX has become the first public company to receive SEC approval to trade security tokens.

INX and SolidBlock will be collaborating to list SolidBlock products on the INX exchange platform as well as cooperating on raising funds via the INX network. This partnership is extremely valuable as SolidBlock is aiming to expand its technology by collaborating with different stock exchanges and ATS’s to allow digital asset trading under their umbrellas. The more exchanges list SolidBlock-issued products, the more investors would be exposed to listed products increasing the overall liquidity. 

SolidBlock is excited to have INX on board and believes that through both companies’ joint efforts and exchange of information and technology, the trading of digital securities will expand worldwide.

 To find out more about how digital securities can benefit you – whether you’re an asset owner or an investor – click here to select your best time for an intro call with one of SolidBlock’s executives.

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