We’re back – and we’re bringing you another world first

SolidBlock was first to market in 2018 with the world’s first successful tokenization of a commercial property. Now we’re doing it again for residential real estate. And you won’t want to miss the launch of this massive new tokenized investment opportunity.

London Digital Bond is a flexible investment that combines the stability and upside potential of London residential real estate with the flexibility of trading on a top digital securities platform.

Now, along with our partners, London Chelsea, who bring decades of experience with London real estate investment to the project, we’re hosting a combined in-person / online launch event (following all health regulations) on Tuesday, September 15th 

Starting from only £10,000, London Digital Bond gives investors access to this unique and flexible money-making opportunity based on prime London real estate. At the launch event, we’ll bring you up to speed on all the details and explain how this investment opportunity meets a range of needs.

How can you make money from single family properties without buying or renting them out? How can you diversify your real estate holdings without a dry powder stockpile? And what’s the best new asset class for uncertain times? Tune in and find out – and come prepared with questions of your own.  

Even after the challenging year the UK – and the entire world – has experienced financially, we still believe this truly is going to be London’s decade to shine.  Why?

  • Anticipated surge in housing market following Brexit 
  • Third-biggest global hotspot for international real estate investment
  • Stable, continually increasing demand shields London from fluctuations in global markets 

London has played a central role in the global economy for the last thousand years.  Now, with London Digital Bond, SolidBlock is helping assure its place in the digital millennium.  

There’s lots more we’d love to tell you, so please join us for the full presentation. This event is open only to a select group of pre-approved investors.  Once you RSVP, we’ll be happy to guide you through the approval process. 

Click here to save your spot now.

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