SolidBlock to attend the virtual MENA Business Expo

The MENA Business Expo of 2020 is scheduled to take place on the 7th-9th of December 2020, and SolidBlock is proud to announce its participation in the virtual event this year through the GoExpo Online platform. 

The three-day event will unite an array of businesses from around the globe for a packed virtual exhibition. Bringing business leaders, start-ups, and investors together into one event, MENA aims to tackle new business challenges.

SolidBlock is amongst hundreds of start-ups which will get the opportunity to run a virtual stand, meet investors, and develop relationships with potential partners.  The virtual event represents a great opportunity for SolidBlock to manage with the precipitously changing business environment since the beginning of 2020. 

MENA Business Expo was ultimately inspired by the BizzMatcher Online Conferences, an event which was attended by CMO & Co-Founder, Yael Tamar on behalf of SolidBlock back in early August of 2020. The event was a proven success, garnered much positive attention and many positive reviews. 

The MENA Business Expo is bound to be fantastic networking chance for SolidBlock, with attendees ranging from start-ups, advisors, businesses, investors, partners, sponsors, and visitors

MENA Business Expo is brought to you by the Luxury World Key Group – an international brand which offers business services and lifestyle management to individuals and corporations since 2006. 

To learn more about the MENA Business Expo being held on December 7th, 8th and 9th, you can click here.

To find out more about leading investments in the blockchain space, you can click here to schedule a time to call with Yael one-on-one. 

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