SolidBlock To Attend Dubai’s 12th Anniversary Global Family Office Investment Summit

SolidBlock is honored to accept the invitation to participate in the World’s No. 1 Family Office Conference taking place on October 26-28 2020. Yael Tamar CMO & Co-founder & Alon Cohen CSO, SolidBlock will be heading to Dubai to take part in the prestigious event and will be speaking on a panel on Digital Assets‌. 

The summit has been recognized as the world’s number one family office conference. It is the largest and most influential gathering of family wealth, representing US$4.5 trillion. Together with global leading family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals convene to discuss increasing the positive effect of family office investments for a brighter future. The summit will act as a bridge between Middle East families and their European, U.S., Asian, & Latin American counterparts where they can meet, network, and exchange information and ideas.

The summit is hosted by the Ritossa Family Office, a family business dating back 600 years, and with deep roots in the Middle East. This event is the 12th in a Global Series covering Monaco, Riyadh and Miami, and Dubai.

In light of new social distancing measures, only 250 ultra-exclusive guests will be attending the two- day conference. The guests include Elite Family Offices, Prominent Conglomerate Business Owners, Sheikhs, Royal Families, Private Investment Companies, International Business Moguls, Sovereign Wealth Funds, & industry professionals representing over $4.5 trillion in investor wealth. At this event, they will be able to conduct a private peer-to-peer conversation, networking, and cross-border thought leadership designed to elicit active thinking about what to look out for, methods of investing, and the reasons behind the investments. 

We look forward to this unique opportunity to meet like-minded influential peers to make new partnerships and to discuss utilizing family office investments for the greater good.

If you are free to talk in person? Here’s my calendar with slots during the summit – it would be convenient to have a slot fixed and reschedule if needed via whatsapp (+972544584618). If you prefer to meet before or after the summit, here’s the link.

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