SolidBlock joins Newchip’s Demo Day World Startup Conference

Newchip’s Online Demo Day World Startup Conference is fast approaching, with CMO & Co-founder of SolidBlock – Yael Tamar – to speak at the conference on the 23rd of September. Demo Day is an exciting prospect for SolidBlock as we gain a chance to present ourselves on a worldwide investor community and gain visibility in the startup ecosystem.

Over the course of the 21st-25th of September, Newchip Accelerator Online Demo Day will bring together current and graduate startups to the one online conference to present their companies to prospective investors and partners. The event will bring together worldwide entrepreneurs and innovators into one place to share ideas and business opportunities with an array of investors, partners, and other startups. 

Newchip’s Online Demo Day has been impeccably adapted for the current global circumstances around COVID-19, the global event offers the chance for SolidBlock to pitch our company without needing to travel. Virtual events are currently they go-to for capital raising and investment conferences and are proving to be the way of the future as they minimise travel time and cost.

The number of startups and investors at Newchip’s Demo Day is also much higher due to the online nature of the pitching – as more investors can attend from home, the broader audience can often result in greater chances at finding the right investors for SolidBlock.

Founded in 2016, the Newchip Accelerator has already raised over $150 Million across over 300 portfolio companies in their four years. The Newchip Accelerator Program will be live streamed for the entire week, spanning 110 global startups across 15 industries. The access to this fantastic event is open and free to all investors, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, students, academics, and community leaders – so why miss the chance to see Yael present? You can click here to register your interest in viewing the online conference. 

With all conferences scheduled in Central Time, Yael will be presenting at 1:30pm CT (9:30pm IDT). Yael will be presenting how SolidBlock transforms real estate into a financial product which can be traded through the usage of blockchain – ultimately to increase liquidity and transparency as we tokenize real estate. The full schedule for the Newchip Conference can be found here.

This is a fantastic free event to attend, you can read more about Newchip’s Q4 Global Conference here, or you can register your interest now by clicking here.

To find out more about SolidBlock and our investment opportunities, you can click here to schedule a time to call with Yael one-on-one. 

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