SolidBlock to speak at Virtual WFC Money Summit

The Virtual WFC Money Summit of 2020 is underway for the year, the event running daily between the hours of 10:30AM – 4:30PM GMT daily from the 14th – 18th of September. SolidBlock is extremely proud to be taking part in the event. 

The WFC Money Summit 2020 will bring an array of FinTech professionals to explore new challenges, ideas, and network with new contacts to bring new solutions to the ever-changing finance industry. Through immersive discussion with credible speakers on many topics, the WFC Money Summit is bound to have something interesting for everyone, by bringing business leaders, start-ups, and investors together into one event.

The virtual event represents a great opportunity for SolidBlock to be involved in networking and presenting despite current global issues increasing the difficulty for such events to go ahead. Yael’s speech will be called ‘Tokenization as a bridge to finance – in CeFi and DeFi’ and will take place on the 17th of September at 1:30PM GMT. 

With the ability to tune in from anywhere around the world this year, there has been no better time to be involved with the WFC Money Summit. Without costs for flights and lodging, this year is destined to save both time and money, creating a fantastic opportunity to hear from Yael about the future of tokenization and blockchain in finance. 

To purchase your all-access pass to the WFC Money Summit 2020 to see SolidBlock’s Yael Tamar give her speech on the 17th of September, you can click here. 

To find out more about leading investments in the blockchain space, you can click here to schedule a time to call with Yael one-on-one. 

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