FIBREE Annual Report: The tip of the iceberg

Of all our industry partnerships, SolidBlock’s connection with FIBREE, the primary international network for ongoing knowledge exchange between the real estate industry, the IT sector and blockchain technology, is among the most important.  FIBREE brings together over 6,000 professionals in over 30 regions worldwide.

Now, the FIBREE Industry Report Blockchain Real Estate 2020, published in collaboration with US-based real estate financial services giant CBRE, is a great reminder that what SolidBlock is doing is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the vast potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the entire real estate industry.

SolidBlock’s Yael Tamar created two articles for the report and assisted with a third. We’ve already mentioned her first article, “Real estate tokenization for uncertain times,” a must-read if you want to understand what happens to tokenized assets during periods of instability.

Her second article, “Tokenization: Superpowers for property values,” explores some of the previously unexplored benefits tokenization could have for asset owners. As Yael writes, “Embracing tokenization isn’t just about keeping up – it’s about getting ahead.  Getting much more out of existing assets.  Tokenization isn’t just another way of investing, it’s a way of making what you already own more valuable than ever.”

If you’re an asset owner looking to raise project funds and you’re interested in finding out more about leveraging the advantages of tokenization, click here to pick your best time for a call and we’ll be in touch.

But tokenization doesn’t only benefit for asset owners.  Because as the value of a property increases, so does the value held by all its investors. This is literally a win-win. And with SolidBlock’s flexible tokenization model, you can build a diverse portfolio of promising properties without the hassle of buying, renovating, and reselling real estate.

We’re happy to report that all the advocacy SolidBlock and FIBREE are doing for the industry is paying off, convincing mainstream institutions and organizations of the advantages of tokenization as well. 

According to CBRE Head of Digital Innovation, Thomas Herr, for example, “Tokenization is something which is quite promising in this field.” Blockchain as a whole, he says, “is earmarked as a technology with a big focus and this is leading us to support this kind of research and also to support FIBREE.”Get the full report here.

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