SolidBlock brings home another pitch win from FFCON 2020

Aaaaand… it’s another win for SolidBlock! 

We’re reeling from our victory in the stiff competition in the 2020 Fintech Draft Pitching competition last week, held as part of the events around FFCON (Fintech & Funding) 2020. We were up against some of the best new ideas out there and were thrilled to hear CMO Yael Tamar pitching SolidBlock right out of the ballpark. 

The two winners – one for pitches and one in the demo category – earn a wide range of networking opportunities and introductions – along with bragging rights to share the news with you that our pitch once again came out on top.

The pitch competition was open to companies demonstrating strong, innovative business models along with strong leadership teams with a background in fintech, and was contingent on demonstrating evidence of traction through growth milestones. All the groundwork we’ve done establishing SolidBlock’s presence in the blockchain and financial worlds paid off here, assuring judges that we’d done our research and created a viable model for democratizing real estate investment and creating a viable path for local stakeholder fundraising.

This year’s FFCON theme was “Rise,” the perfect post-COVID-19 theme for this Canadian conference geared toward bringing people together at the intersection of fintech innovation, capital and financial services. 

Earlier FFCON themes have included “Fearless” in 2019 and “Velocity” in 2018. Last year’s FFCON, held in Toronto, attracted 750 participants from around the globe including thought leaders, industry experts, and a wide range of innovators and disrupters.

To find out more about how SolidBlock’s winning tokenization model can help you get started investing or raising funds for your real estate project, get in touch.

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