FIBREE Annual Report: Tokenization for uncertain times

Since we joined in early 2019, we’ve been proud of our partnership with FIBREE, the international consortium for blockchain and real estate.  In the movement towards mainstream acceptance of digital securities, creating industry standards is an important puzzle piece that will help ensure rapid uptake as well as excitement in the financial community.

Now, FIBREE has taken another bold step forward, cementing its place as the go-to authority when it comes to real estate and blockchain with the publication of the newest edition of its authoritative annual report FIBREE Industry Report Blockchain Real Estate 2020, published in collaboration with US-based real estate financial services giant CBRE.

This year’s report features an article by SolidBlock partner and CMO Yael Tamar, who’s also the Israel regional co-chair for FIBREE. Her article, entitled “Real estate tokenization for uncertain times,” is a must-read if you’re wondering what impact the present financial instability is having on digital securities. She also explores ways tokenization can help protect individuals and institutions by creating new opportunities for diversification.

We were very excited to hear from talented colleagues working other aspects of the blockchain and real estate equation. Want to know what you’ll discover from other articles in the report? (Sure you do!)

  • Explore potential future uses for blockchain to standardize real estate
  • Discover the importance of digitized land registries during periods of climate change
  • Find out how smart contracts can optimize construction projects
  • Learn how U.S. law treats blockchain-based securities
  • Hear about uses of blockchain in establishing sustainable real estate industry practices

… and a whole lot more, along with a comprehensive product database of every single player in the space. We hope you’ll grab the whole report to get a sense of blockchain’s potential to disrupt the entire industry. 

Download the full report here.

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