TikTok Talks Tokenization with Yael Tamar

In case you thought TikTok was only good for hot dance moves and viral kitchen hacks, think again. SolidBlock CMO Yael Tamar recently got together online with Fabian Böck, organizer of BOECKBC, a future tech business convention being held in Copenhagen on Aug. 25, and their entire chat took place via TikTok.

Their topic was “What’s Next in Property Tokenization?” In keeping with TikTok’s short-video format, the chat flows freely in quick and easy to understand segments ranging over 19 bite-sized pieces covering every single thing you could possibly want to know about tokenizing real estate investment – and so much more.

As Yael explained, “Tokenization is basically fractionalization. You’re breaking an asset into pieces, and then you buy them just as you’d buy a security, but in digital form.”

But what makes tokens more interesting than just owning a piece of a real estate asset is that once fractionalized, the tokens are actually tradeable. “You know how to trade crypto, you know how to trade Bitcoin.  It’s very simple, disintermediated trading.”

Yael did clarify that when it comes to trading, a buyer has to be “whitelisted” before they can purchase tokens.  That process involves meeting know your customer (KYC) and anti money laundering (AML) regulations, and in some jurisdictions, also a certificate that they are authorized to trade.  SolidBlock has always made it a top priority to stay on top of all relevant securities regulations in order to create the broadest possible acceptance for tokens issued through the SolidBlock platform.

One of the more interesting points she touched on while chatting with Fabian is what real estate tokens actually look like, which is one of the most common questions we’re hearing these days.  

“When you send us the money by a bank transfer, credit card, or any other payment method, you’re getting a confirmation, “digital proof” that you own a part of the project.  If you’re crypto savvy, you can receive these tokens in your own wallet, but since most people today aren’t crypto savvy, we have a custodian – which is a financial institution that is authorized to hold tokens on your behalf.”

Want to watch the whole conversation?

Get Part 1 here:

  • Part 1 A: Reimagining the Real Estate Market
  • Part 1 B: Pandemic = New Opportunities 
  • Part 2 A: Covid-19 Changed Everything
  • Part 2 B: Remote Access to Major Markets
  • Part 3: Fintech & Financial Services
  • Part 4 A: TopOfBlockchain
  • Part 4 B: Protect Investors
  • Part 4 C: Consulting Various Entities 
  • Part 5 A: Mission of SolidBlock
  • Part 5 B: Access to Real Estate
  • Part 6 A: World’s First Commercial Property
  • Part 6 B: Security Token Offering

Grab Part 2 here:

  • Part 7 A: Tokenization “For Dummies“ 🙂
  • Part 7 B: Securitization & Digitization
  • Part 7 C: Smart Contracts
  • Part 7 D: Fractionalization
  • Part 7 E: Tradable Assets
  • Part 8 A: Fascination of Tokenization
  • Part 8 B: Engineer Something New
  • Part 8 C: What’s Bothering?
  • Part 9 A: Women in Block
  • Part 9 B: Network Effect
  • Part 9 C: Promote Experts
  • Part 10 A: FIBREE
  • Part 10 B: Push Tokenization

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