Two lawyers, a real estate investor, and a technologist walk into a bar… to discuss…

Two lawyers, a real estate investor, and a technologist walk into a bar… and what do they talk about? Tokenization, of course!

The future of blockchain is HERE as the yearly ANON Summit goes online.

The current global pandemic has raised a lot of questions about the economy and the role that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will play in it.

It was great to explore these themes considering the future of the digital economy at ANON Summit 2020, a fully online blockchain event. The flexible, modular nature of the event made it easy to pick and choose experience, attending the panels and workshops that interest the most, taking breaks to browse the expo floor, and engaging in fun opportunities such as speed networking.

It gave us a unique experience and opportunity to do a panel about tokenization with 4 of Europe’s top finance, real estate, and blockchain experts for our wide audience (corporates, start-ups and innovators)

Catch the replay here for a limited time!

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