Market crisis, the silver lining: How to come out bolder, better, and more resilient (new course)

How can you come out on top of the current crisis?

The word of the moment right now is PIVOT.  Businesses are pivoting, advertisers are pivoting, retailers are pivoting, and often the results are amazing. Leaders in every industry are discovering new and creative angles that are going to make them a fortune over the next few years and add a ton of resilience to their business for years to come.

Leadership consultant Marcia Daszko wrote these incredible words in her 2018 book, Pivot, Disrupt, Transform: How the Leaders Beat the Odds and Survive:

“Don’t strive for new normal. Strive for making the future bold, unique, better, meaningful, helpful. Think differently. Pivot.” 

So how can you pivot as a real estate professional?  How can you go beyond responding to the present crisis to create a bolder, better future for yourself?

The answer is simple.  Learning is the key to growth and resilience by helping you get up to speed on the next generation of real estate and real estate investment.  

Everybody’s talking about blockchain, digital assets, crowdfunding, exchanges, tokenization, and more.  If the buzzwords are leaving you behind, SolidBlock’s brand-new 14-session course, in cooperation with the Cointelligence Academy, makes it all so easy to understand. 

Starting on May 12, and meeting once a week, we’ll take you through the real estate investment landscape today. 

We’ll go step-by-step, taking your questions and sharing lots of real-world examples and current headlines, so you can see how it all applies to you.  In this course, we’ll be focusing on tokenization, an emerging industry standard which transforms a physical property into a flexible financial product.  Just like shares, tokens can be bought, sold, traded, and more, giving real estate holdings more liquidity than ever before. 

You’ll finish the course with valuable insider knowledge and contacts that let you offer new digital services to your clients through tokenized offerings.  

With greater liquidity than other real estate investments, plus bulletproof security, tokenized securities are a sure bet for the global recovery phase – and we’ll give you everything you need to come out on top of the trend.  This is the future of your business – and SolidBlock is helping you get there.

For all the details and to sign up, click here.

If you have questions about the course, or about getting involved in tokenization, click here to choose your best time for a call.

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