SolidBlock joins ranks of world’s largest blockchain trade association

SolidBlock is proud to announce that it has joined forces with the Chamber of Digital Commerce, becoming a member of the world’s leading blockchain trade association.

Founded in 2014 by businesswoman and lobbyist Perianne Boring, with headquarters in Washington, D.C., the Chamber currently represents over 200 member organizations worldwide, promoting education and advocacy around digital assets and blockchain.  

According to SolidBlock co-founder and CMO Yael Tamar, “The Chamber of Digital Commerce is in the forefront in establishing standards and best practices through its industry initiatives.  They’re doing so much to create mainstream acceptability for digital assets.”

The Chamber is a not-for-profit organization driven by a vision that closely parallel’s SolidBlock’s, using blockchain to promote social good, innovation, jobs and investment.  Boring was named one of Forbes’s Top 50 Women in Tech in 2018, and recently appeared before the U.S. Senate Small Business Committee at a hearing on ‘Building Blocks: How Blockchain Technology Benefits Small Business.’

The organization also made headlines back in January when it intervened before the SEC with an amicus curiae brief on behalf of Telegram, which was on trial for allegedly issuing a $1.7 billion unregistered offering of its digital token, the Gram.  

SolidBlock CEO and co-founder Yuval Wirzberger added that, “Clear definitions surrounding securities and investments are essential for tokenization to succeed.  We look forward to aiding the Chamber of Digital Commerce in its advocacy role when it comes to regulation of digital securities.”

The Chamber also forged a strategic partnership with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance back in December 2019 with the goal of moving tokenization technology forward faster.

SolidBlock has been at work in this area for a long time, in part through our collaborations with FIBREE, the EU-based Foundation of Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise and other organizations and networking consortiums locally and internationally.

““Solidblock’s talented team and innovative tokenization solutions are a valuable addition to the Chamber’s diverse membership,” said Perianne Boring, Founder & President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. “We are excited to collaborate alongside our fellow industry experts at SolidBlock through the Chamber’s Token Alliance and further influence the adoption of blockchain technology and tokenized assets.”

In such a new industry as blockchain, SolidBlock’s broad, deep experience – particularly when it comes to real estate – is unique.  We have long believed that no organization is an island.  That means collaboration is essential to create durable standards that will sustain the industry long into the future. 

We look forward to a fruitful partnership, sharing resources and expertise for the benefit of the entire industry.

Tzivia MacLeod

Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod, an award-winning Canadian-Israeli author, journalist, and marketing/tech copywriter. And with a range of technical skills and numerous disciplinary interests and areas of expertise, along with decades of freelance experience, she bring a wealth of experience in a variety of technical, persuasive, and marketing fields to any project

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