This Unlocking Tokenization webinar could save your business

Darwin is on everybody’s mind these days.  Why?  Survival of the fittest.  

Every single major market disturbance in the past half century has created opportunities for evolution.  That’s what’s happening right now in markets all over the world.  As you read this. So what are you waiting for?

Here at SolidBlock, we’ve seen the pace at which real estate is changing.  And we know the current crisis is probably speeding up the trend, as the world rushes to expand its digital capabilities — fast.

Are you up to speed?  Ready to hop on board the next trend, property-backed digital securities?  If not, what’s holding you back?

Whether you’re in real estate already or hoping to break into the market, you’ll love this unique, no commitment learning opportunity.  This free webinar is the first session of a 14-session online workshop that will introduce you to the next wave of real estate investment: tokenization, or fractionalized investment.  

Are you a real estate developer, investor, sponsor, or finance provider?  Have you heard about blockchain but aren’t sure how it will affect the way you do business?

Grow your skills and gain the confidence to succeed at the next level.  And this non-threatening, interactive introduction will fill in all the blanks.  You’ll get up close and personal with:

  • concepts of blockchain,
  • digital assets,
  • crowdfunding,
  • exchanges and more.

We’ll help you decipher all the essentials – and give you tools to survive and thrive not just through today’s crisis, but in the exciting emerging markets of tomorrow.

And because it’s SolidBlock, it’s all going to be fun and approachable, in clear, plain English. We’ll share real-world case studies on a level anyone can click with and leave lots of time for your questions.

Just click through to save your spot, get your cool registration package to start you on the journey, and a special link to submit questions ahead of time.SolidBlock is offering this webinar as part of Cointelligence Academy, in collaboration with FIBREE, the 3,000-member international network for knowledge exchange between the real estate industry, the IT sector, and blockchain technology (FIBREE certification available).

Tzivia MacLeod

Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod, an award-winning Canadian-Israeli author, journalist, and marketing/tech copywriter. And with a range of technical skills and numerous disciplinary interests and areas of expertise, along with decades of freelance experience, she bring a wealth of experience in a variety of technical, persuasive, and marketing fields to any project

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